These new paintings were made in the UK in lockdown after repatriation from Ghana in May. Because of border closures in Ghana, we stayed two months longer than intended, mostly in Ho without a studio. So I went for walks around the town in the Volta Region (masked and gloved) and studied kiosks through drawing and photographing them and, when allowed to do so, by taking measurements.

It was not until I got back to the UK that I was able to paint, and that was after two weeks of self-isolation. I did a lot of reading, and thinking about what we had gone through: only when the sun came out did I feel in the right frame of mind to start working in our attic studio (our rented studio in town was in shutdown). Then I painted directly without too much editing or reworking. It felt good to be painting again despite all that was going on around us. The works on paper, formatted on the square, preempt and inform the later oil paintings.

Atta Kwami 

Loughborough, 30 June 2020. 

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